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Joint and Muscle Pain

Chiropractic Treatment
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Pulled a muscle

Overuse injuries 

Sore Joints


A muscle strain, or a ‘pulled muscle’, occurs when the muscle fibres are overstretched or torn. Muscle strains can happen in muscles throughout the body but commonly occur in the front of the thigh, hamstring, leg and low back. Physiotherapy is very beneficial to reduce pain in the early stages of the injury,regain normal movement, assist in a speedy recovery and importantly to reduce your risk of re-injury.


Similarly Physiotherapy is an important part of rehabilitating a joint sprain effectively. Joint sprains occur when the ligaments supporting a joint partially tear or completely rupture. Common symptoms include pain, swelling around the joint and difficulty moving the joint or putting weight through it. “Rolling” your ankle is a common example of a sprained ligament.


Whether it be a muscle strain or joint sprain we complete a thorough assessment. This includes listening to your story about the events leading to the injury and undertaking physical tests to allow an accurate diagnosis to be made. A treatment plan is then formulated to assist you to reduce pain and get better quickly. Treatment will certainly include education so that you know exactly what is happening and how best to manage your injury. Commonly used treatment techniques include taping, massage, dry needling and joint mobilisation together with stretching and strengthening exercises.


Prior to finishing physiotherapy your physiotherapist may undertake a screen to see how well you perform common movements that we need to do in everyday life and to excel on the sports field. Your physiotherapist will then give exercises to correct less than ideal movements to help prevent injuries in the future.


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