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Before and After Surgery

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Pain management

Joint mobilisation

Rehabilitation program

Return to optimum function and sport

Physiotherapy is an important part of the rehabilitation process both before and after orthopaedic surgery. Orthopaedic surgeries that physiotherapists often manage include shoulder replacement, rotator cuff repair, total hip replacement, total knee replacement, knee arthroscopies and knee anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.


Physiotherapy pre surgery is often focussed on education so that you understand the upcoming procedure and exercises for improving muscle strength as well as joint range of motion.


Post orthopaedic surgery it is common for the operated on joint to be difficult to move and painful. Often your surgeon will request physiotherapy. Julie has much experience in seeing patients immediately following orthopaedic surgery and can help put you at ease with education and a comprehensive rehabilitation plan. The plan will help you to reduce your pain as quickly as possible, get your joint moving and strengthen muscles. Most importantly physiotherapy will help you get back to the activities you want to do as quickly as possible. We love seeing the smile on our patients faces with they are able to achieve something they havent been able to do for months or even years.


At Julie Kerdachi Physiotherapy we recognise that having surgery is a big deal and we can help you get better as soon as possible so book a consult today.

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