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Headache is a symptom of many causes!

There are many different types of headaches and these can be diagnosed and identified by your physiotherapist. Headaches of a musculoskeletal origin are called Cervicogenic headaches. They are headaches caused by a disorder of the cervical spine and its component bony, disc and/or soft tissue elements, usually but not invariably accompanied by neck pain.


Neck related headaches can occur when people experience pain in the back of the head, around the temples, behind the eyes or into the forehead. They usually do not shift from one side to the other and often there is one sided neck, shoulder or arm pain. Sometimes moving the neck or maintaining a certain posture can make it better or worse and this may be a good indicator that your neck is involved.

Physiotherapy can provide long lasting relief for headaches caused by the neck. This can involve passive joint mobilisation of the upper cervical spine and possibly TMJ as well as soft tissue treatment. Active treatment involves re-activation and training of the deep neck flexors and lower extensor stabilising muscles and encouraging activity. We also pride ourselves in teaching strategies to help prevent headaches from reoccurring, like trigger factors, posture and ergonomics, pause exercises, pillows and mattresses, biteplates and pain neuroscience.


Julie has done a lot of research and has vast experience in the management of headaches as it is something she has had to deal with herself.

If you want long-term headache relief, phone and book an appointment today. 

Neck Pain

Stiff and achy neck muscles

Sharp pain with neck movement

Pain spreading to arm/shoulder

Shoulder blade area pain

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If ANY of these sound familiar, you are most likely suffering from neck pain which can occur due to injury to the neck joints and/or the neck's soft tissue. Neck pain can be a result of many actions:

  • Moving your neck into an unusual position

  • Poor posture over time 

  • Sleeping in an awkward position

  • Sitting at a computer desk all day

  • Feeling stressed

  • A neck injury

Physiotherapy is an excellent treatment option to reduce neck pain, increase neck mobility and strengthen and even helps reduce stress. 

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