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Back pain

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Sharp lower back aches and pains

Scared to move

Stiff and sore mid or lower back

If ANY of these sound familiar and are preventing you from moving freely then you are one of thousands of people who suffer from back pain.

At Julie Kerdachi Physiotherapy back pain is one of the most common problems that we treat. With extensive experience in assessing and treating back injuries, we understand that not all back pain is the same. This is why we have individually tailored treatment plans to fit your needs. 

The physiotherapy treatment will vary depending on the cause of your back pain. Treatment will include education so you understand what is happening and it may also involve physiotherapy techniques like spinal mobilisations, soft tissue mobilisation, dry needling, electrotherapy(TENS) and an individual exercise program to get you stronger and moving better. 


Sciatica refers to a radiating pain that runs down from the pelvis down towards the feet either unilaterally or bilaterally. It is the result of a neurological problem in the back or an entrapped nerve in the pelvis or buttock. This pain can be a sharp pain, feel like electric shocks, discomfort or numbness or a deep ache in the back, buttocks, knee and leg.

Sciatica nerve pain

Sciatica is most commonly diagnosed by good history taking and physical examination involving neurological testing, neural tension tests and lumbar mobility assessment. The use of imaging to confirm the diagnosis of sciatica is not useful according to scientific research. 


In most cases of sciatica, conservative treatment including information about sciatica and advice to stay active are favourable.  It is very important that the patient is physically an active participant in therapy and can take responsibility in the treatment process. 

If you think you have 'Sciatica' or nerve pain make an appointment as soon as

possible for pain relief and the best chance of recovery. 

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